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Cable and fiber distinction

Update:02 Aug 2017

   Cable: generally believed that the cable is made of […]

   Cable: generally believed that the cable is made of one or more insulated conductor insulation and protective layer, the power or information from one to another transmission of the wire. Broadly refers to the metal as a medium to transmit electrical signals device.By definition, the cable is used to conduct electricity. Generally made of the following metals:
   Copper conductivity after silver, thermal conductivity after gold, silver; corrosion, non-magnetic, plastic good, easy to weld, widely used. Copper alloy mainly to improve the wear resistance of copper, corrosion resistance and mechanical and physical properties.
Silver, metal conductivity and thermal conductivity of the highest, with good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, easy to weld; mainly used for coating and cladding;
Gold, nickel, used for high temperature lines.
Iron (steel), often made of composite conductor reinforcement materials, such as steel core aluminum line, copper clad steel, aluminum clad steel wire.
Zinc, used as a steel / steel / iron conductor coating, used to prevent corrosion.
Tin, used for steel / copper wire coating, used to prevent corrosion, and is conducive to copper wire welding.
 Fiber: is a shorthand for optical fiber, is a glass or plastic made of fiber, can be used as a light transmission tool. The transmission principle is 'the total reflection of light'.
Usually the two terms of fiber and cable will be confused. Most optical fibers must be covered by several layers of protective structure before use, and the coated cable is called a fiber optic cable.   The protective layer and insulation of the outer layer of the fiber protects the surrounding environment from damage to the fiber, such as water, fire, electric shock, and so on. Cable is divided into: cable, aramid fiber, buffer layer and fiber. Fiber and coaxial cable are similar, but there is no mesh shield. The center is the glass core of light transmission.http://www.chinacctvproducts.com/