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How do Ethernet switches work?

Update:18 Jul 2017

   First of all, what we call "Ethernet switches" is a […]

   First of all, what we call "Ethernet switches" is a home Ethernet switch or a switch used by other smaller networks, which are usually stupid. And large switches require more complex configurations, and that's not going to happen. So what about home, small Ethernet switches? In fact, very simple, in a word: plug in, you can use. Just connect to the power supply and connect to the internet.
    However, students often find that the functions of the switches are not what they think they are. Will Baidu search: Ethernet switch how to use? Here, we should first understand the general purpose of the switch: the image is to provide more interfaces, so that more devices (such as: computer) can access the Internet, the internet. If you want more computer access at home, and the router or Modem (CAT) interface is not enough, at this point, you can use one or more switches, the switch is connected to LAN port, the router is connected to the router's LAN port.
    Attention is needed at this time:
    If you connect the outdoor cable to the switch. Then pick up the computer and dial the Internet on a computer. At this point, the switch has little function. You can't access the computer on the other computer when you receive the switch.
   The correct approach should be, the outdoor cable connected router or Modem (CAT), or Modem (CAT) in the router on the dial, then switch, and then connected to the computer, then received a switch port on the other computer can get online.
    Also need to pay attention to the different wiring method: the same kind of equipment crossing lines, heterogeneous equipment through the line. Routers and computers belong to the same kind of equipment, switches and computers belong to heterogeneous devices. However, now the network adapter can generally adapt automatically, regardless of cross line, straight line can be.http://www.chinacctvproducts.com/