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Microphone classification

Update:09 Aug 2017

   (Electric type, aluminum type) Type and so on.    Ac […]

   (Electric type, aluminum type) Type and so on.
   According to the sound field force is divided into: pressure type, pressure difference, combination, line type and so on.
   According to the transmission of electrical signals are divided into: wired, wireless.
   According to use is divided into: measuring microphone, vocal microphone, musical instrument microphone, recording microphone.
   According to the direction is divided into: heart type, Rui heart type, supercardioid, two-way (8 font), no point (omnidirectional).
   Electret microphone compact, low cost, in the telephone, mobile phones and other equipment widely used.
   Silicon microphones based on CMOSMEMS technology, smaller. Its consistency will be more than four times the consistency of the electret condenser microphone, so MEMS microphones are particularly suitable for cost-effective microphone array applications, which match better microphone will improve the sound wave formation and reduce noise. The laser microphone is used in eavesdropping.http://www.chinacctvproducts.com/