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Technical terms for surge protectors

Update:25 Jul 2017

   1, Air-termination system    Metal objects and metal […]

   1, Air-termination system
   Metal objects and metal structures used for direct acceptance or lightning stroke, such as lightning rod, lightning belt (wire), lightning protection network, etc..
   2, Down, conductor, system
   A metal conductor for connecting a lightning receiver and a grounding device.
   3, Earth, termination, system
   The sum of the conductor connecting the grounding body and the grounding body.
   4, Earth electrode
   A metal conductor in the earth that is directly touching the earth. Also called ground electrode. Direct contact with the earth's various metal components, metal facilities, metal pipes, metal    equipment, etc., can also act as grounding, known as natural grounding.
   5, Earth conductor
   From the electrical equipment grounding terminal is connected to the connecting wire or conductor grounding device, or metal objects, the total equipotential connection from the need of the grounding terminal, grounding plate, summary total grounding and equipotential connection to row row connecting wire or conductor grounding device.
   6, Direct, lightning, flash
   Lightning that strikes directly at objects such as buildings, earth, or lightning protection devices.
   7, Back flashover
   A potential change in the area caused by lightning through a grounding or grounding system. The ground potential counterattack will cause a change in the potential of the ground system, which may cause damage to the electronic equipment and electrical equipment.
   8, Lightning, protection, system (LPS)
   A system that reduces the damage of lightning to buildings, installations, and other protective targets, including external and internal lightning protection systems.
   8.1 external lightning protection system External, lightning, protection, system
   The lightning protection part of an exterior or body of a structure, usually consisting of a lightning receiver, a lead wire and a grounding device, used to prevent direct lightning.
   8.2 internal lightning protection system Internal, lightning, protection, system
   Built (structure) lightning protection part of the building inside, usually by the equipotential connection system, common earthing system, shielding system, reasonable wiring, surge protection etc., mainly used for electromagnetic effect to reduce and avoid the lightning current generated in the space inside the door.http://www.chinacctvproducts.com/