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Industrial Video Baluns Suppliers Ethernet Switch Features

Update:26 Jun 2018

Industrial Video Baluns Suppliers Ethernet Switch Featu […]

Industrial Video Baluns Suppliers Ethernet Switch Features Analysis and Usage Notes
Today, when the network is well-developed, the switch is used by many friends who need to use the network, and it can realize the use of a network of multiple computers. But what is an industrial Ethernet switch? The thinking of inertia is that of industrial switches. But what are the characteristics of specific industrial Ethernet switches? Everyone may wonder.
Industrial Ethernet switches are mainly used for real-time Ethernet data transmission in complex industrial environments. They use the switch technology and Ethernet transmission technology, especially the speed of Ethernet transmission. The following Xiaobian will share with you the industrial ether. Network switch performance characteristics:
The first is the introduction of industrial Ethernet switches because it is used in complex and demanding industrial environments (high temperature, high real-time requirements, fast transmission speed requirements, and correspondingly fast requirements). When Ethernet is designed, it uses storage. Switching and switching methods use the communication speed of Ethernet, built-in intelligent alarm design to monitor the network operating conditions, and ensure reliable and stable operation of Ethernet in harsh and dangerous industrial environments.
We are talking about the characteristics of industrial Ethernet switches, high-performance Ethernet switch technology to ensure the communication speed, using IEEE802.3/802.3d/802.3u/802.3x interface standards and storage conversion switching output methods, with suppression of broadcast storms Function, port link alarm function; fault information when the power supply fails Fault alarm relay output, redundant 24 volt DC power input, operating temperature -40 degrees to 75 degrees operating temperature, high-strength housing, protection class IP30, industrial Standard design, 10Base-T/100Base-TX self-adaptive Ethernet interface, MDI/MDI-X, full/half-duplex adaptive mode; easy installation, relatively large transmission distance (relatively speaking), in order not to Due to the influence of magnetoelectricity, it has the functions of electromagnetic isolation and electromagnetic protection. Its characteristics determine that industrial Ethernet switches can be used for industrial control automation, road traffic control automation, building automation systems, mine automation systems, oil field control automation, Hydropower station control automation, power system control automation, computer room monitoring system and other industrial applications.