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The program is Video Baluns Suppliers designed to

Update:23 May 2018

The program is Video Baluns Suppliers designed to help […]

The program is Video Baluns Suppliers designed to help systems integrators and value-added resellers build the correct infrastructure for the end user. This allows them to have a more long-term vision of the cabling infrastructure, one that will be able to last a couple generations. You have to remember that the cabling infrastructure is extremely difficult to replace in existing buildings, so proper planning today is vital.

With everything running on the network, the cabling infrastructure specification decision (as well as power) is more important than ever, because it's this backbone that will prepare the end user and their facility for the future. For the systems integrator who can present the proper solution the end result will be a satisfied customer they can return to with confidence for years to come.

Bundling is big: suppliers want to package solutions based on each individual application and are doing just that, taking some of the headache out of the process. Other providers offer direct support as well as white papers, specifications and related materials.

A critical but overlooked aspect of integrated systems is the cabling infrastructure. In fact the cabling infrastructure is only two percent of the cost of a network while it can cause up to 50 percent of the network problems.

We believe that having the right cabling infrastructure in place is a critical component to consider when you're designing a surveillance system that meets the expectations of the end-user. However, this is only one part of the equation. To truly guarantee optimal performance, you need to look at all system components holistically and consider the fact that each IP surveillance installation is unique. By leveraging the power, integrators can create pre-optimized solutions that bundle together everything they need to get the job done - from server, to cable, to camera. Using this new online service takes the guesswork out of designing an IP surveillance system.