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The role of surge protectors

Update:31 Jul 2017

   Lightning discharge may occur within the clouds or b […]

   Lightning discharge may occur within the clouds or between clouds or between clouds on earth; bring in many large capacity electrical equipment for internal use of the surge, the power supply system (Chinese low-voltage power supply system standard: AC 50Hz 220/380V) and the influence of the electric equipment, lightning protection and surge protection, has become the focus of attention.
   A lightning discharge between clouds and ground consists of one or more individual lightning flashes, each carrying a very high amplitude and short duration current. A typical lightning discharge will include two or three lightning flashes, each of which is about 1/20 seconds apart. Most lightning currents fall between 10000 and 100000 amperes, and their duration is generally less than 100 microseconds.
   Because of the use of large capacity equipment and frequency conversion equipment in the power supply system, the internal surge problem is becoming more and more serious. We attribute it to the effect of transient overvoltage (TVS). The allowable range of power supply voltage for any electrical equipment. Sometimes even a very narrow voltage shock can cause power or damage to the equipment. Transient overvoltage (TVS) damage is just like this. Especially for sensitive microelectronic devices, sometimes very small surges can cause fatal damage.http://www.chinacctvproducts.com/