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Video coding for Video Converter

Update:26 Jul 2017

   1, Microsoft RLE    A 8 bit encoding scheme that sup […]

   1, Microsoft RLE
   A 8 bit encoding scheme that supports only 256 colors. Compression animation, or computer composite images, etc., have large area of color blocks of material, you can use it to encode, is a lossless compression program.
   2, Microsoft Video 1
   Is a Microsoft compressor early development, is a lossy compression scheme, the highest reached only 256 color, because color is less, so the quality is very low, but in need of large resolution and require special ultra small volume, very useful, such as remote desktop transmission purposes.
   3, Microsoft, H.261, and H.263 Video Codec
   Codec for video conferencing, where H.261 applies to ISDN and DDN lines, and H.263 to LAN, but on general machines, this Codec is for playback and not for coding.
   4, Intel, Indeo, Video, R3.2
   All Windows versions can be played with Indeo video 3.2 and AVI encoded. It has a much higher compression ratio than Cinepak, but needs playback faster than Cinepak.
   5, Intel, Indeo, Video 4 and 5
   Common 4.5 and 5.10, two, the quality is better than Cinepak and R3.2, can adapt to different bandwidth of the network, but must have the appropriate decoding plug-in to successfully download the works to play. Suitable for installed Intel company MMX above CPU machine, playback effect is excellent. If you have to use AVI, you recommend using 5.10, and in almost the same situation, it has faster coding speed and higher compression ratio.
   6, Intel, IYUV, Codec
   The image quality obtained with this method is excellent, because this way is to change the normal RGB color pattern into a more compact YUV color pattern. If you want to compress AVI into MPEG-1, you can get better results with it, but it's too large to generate files
   7, Microsoft, MPEG-4, Video, codec
   The common 1, 2, and three versions, of course, are based on MPEG-4 technology, 3 of which can not be used for AVI coding, and can only be used to generate ASF files that support "video streaming" technology.
   8, DivX-, MPEG-4, Low-Motion/Fast-Motion
   The actual Microsoft MPEG-4 Video and code is quite something, just using the fixed rate Low-Motion, Fast-Motion uses a dynamic bit rate, the latter is compressed into AVI is almost half of the former, but poor quality. Low-Motion is suitable for the conversion of DVD to ensure good quality, Fast-Motion is used to convert VCD to reflect the advantages of MPEG-4 and.
   9, DivX
   In fact, DivX is one of the most popular and excellent encoders. The original DivX is to break the Microsoft ASF specifications and development, the development team transformed into a Divxnetworks company, and continue to introduce new versions, achieved today's position. The biggest feature of DivX is that it has a thorough optimization of hardware, coding efficiency is very high, in addition, the quality of its picture is also very good, to maximize the encoding speed and picture quality perfect. 1-pass and 2-pass also supports in the encoding in the program settings, 2-pass is equivalent to two times the encoding, so you can maximize the maximum balance in picture quality and file size, that is to obtain high quality small volume, convenient network sharing.http://www.chinacctvproducts.com/