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Video server shopping notes

Update:29 Jun 2017

With the enhancement of security awareness, more and mo […]

With the enhancement of security awareness, more and more users begin to pay attention to the selection of network video server. As we all know, the demand for security systems has increased, and video surveillance products are in short supply. Our company has launched a series of high-tech network video surveillance systems to better realize the function of remote monitoring. In the face of a variety of network monitoring systems on the market, in order to select high-quality video server, users need to master these points when selecting:
1. product qualification:
What kind of product is the need to shop for the qualification of products in the time of purchase, so as to ensure the safety and quality of the products of the attention, although sometimes the product certification, quality and performance but does not mean that the product is good, so the user selection should pay attention to!
2. delay in remote video transmission:
Most of the time, the video monitoring system appears delay phenomenon is very normal, but there should be a range of selection must be whether the delay time is too long, first test if it is recommended for the other one, in fact, the network video monitoring system of different styles of different delay time, according to the actual needs of users. Choose.
3. warranty issues:
To ensure quality, the key is that the user should carefully check the product, to ensure that no mistake, in fact, you can ask the merchant to product quality inspection certificate, whether it conforms to the national quality inspection results. In addition, the business is after-sales service? General manufacturers will take a year out.http://www.chinacctvproducts.com/