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3.5" TFT-LCD Portable CCTV TVI Tester (CT2800TVI)

Product General Information

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Chinasky
Model Number: CT2800TVI
Certification: CE, FCC

Product Business Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Paper Box
Delivery Time: 5-12 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram,  Cash
Nearest Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
Contact Us+86-15372048068
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1)3.5 inch screen display, 480 (RGB) x320 resolution
2)Low power consumption, working time lasts 11 hours
3)LCD screen brightness/contrast/color saturation adjustable NTSC/PAL auto adjust
4)TVI coaxial camera image display, coaxial PTZ control and call up the camera OSD menu
5)Enhanced Color bar generator, PAL/NTSC multi-system color bar video generator (Eight-system switchable, transmit/receive eight-system colorful images).
6)LED Flashlight.
7)HD coaxial control, PTZ control, color bar generator shortcut key.
8)F1, F2 user-defined key
9)Visual fault locator, to test fiber’s bending and breakage * (Optional)
10)Digital Multi-meter, DC and AC voltage measurement, Resistance measurement Continuity test, Diode measurements, Capacitance measurement * (Optional)
11)Cable tracer, by sending the audio signal, enables the blue cable tracer tester to find the connected cable from messy cables. * (Optional)
12)Port Finder,it will enable the installer to easily and quickly find the connected port for an Ethernet cable.
13)TDR cable test, TDR break-point and short-circuit measurement. * (Optional)
14)PTZ control and PTZ protocol analysis
15)Cable test, Test LAN cable or telephone cable, UTP cable etc, cable type and the sequence of wires will be displayed
16)Support more than 30 protocols, such as Pelco-D, Pelco-P, SAMSUNG.
17)Support RS232/RS485,rate 600 ~ 115200bps adjustable
18)Built in Lithium Ion Polymer Battery(3.7V DC 3000mAh)
19)Image display and data control integration
20)Handheld HD coaxial tester, easy to carry and operation.
21)Optical power meter, test fiber loss and value * (Optional)

Technical specifications:

Model CT2800TVI [*]models are Optional
Video Test
Signal mode NTSC/PAL (Auto adapt)
Display 3.5 inch digital TFT-LCD ,480(RGB)x 320 resolution
LCD adjustment Brightness, Contrast, Saturation adjustable
Video IN/OUT 1 channel BNC Input & 1 channel Output
Video Output Mode 1.0 Vp-p
Video Level test
Level test Video signals measured in IRE or mV (Only for Analog and HDSDI)
Video level meter (Optional)
Video Level meter PEAK video signal level, SYNC signal level, COLOR BURST chroma level measurement 
PTZ controller
Communication Support RS232 and RS485
PTZ Protocol Compatible with more than 30 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic, Lilin, Yaan, etc.
Baud Rate 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200bps
Video signal generation
Color bar generator Output one channel PAL/NTSC color bar video signal for testing monitor or video cable.(red, green ,blue, white and black color )
UTP cable tester
UTP cable test Test UTP cable connection status and display in the screen. Read the number of the test box.
DC12V 1A power output
DC12V power output Output DC12V1A power for camera
Audio input test
Audio input test test the pickup and other audio equipment on the front-end
RS485 data analysis
Data Monitor Captures and analyzes the command data from controlling device
CVI test* (optional)
CVI video signal test 1 channel CVI in (BNC interface) support 720p 25/30/50/60fps,1080p 25/30fps,camera OSD menu control over coaxial cable
TVI test
TVI video signal test 1 channel TVI in (BNC interface) support 720p 25/30/50/60fps,1080p 25/30fps,camera OSD menu control over coaxial cable
AHD test* (optional)
AHD video signal test 1 channel AHD in (BNC interface) support AHD 2.0 version, 720p 25/30fps,1080p 25/30fps,camera OSD menu control over coaxial cable
HD SDI test* (optional)
HD SDI test HD SDI Video display and test
Cable scan (Optional) *
Cable scan Search the cable by the audio signal
Digital Multimeter (Optional) *
AC/DC Voltage 0-660V auto/manual range, the min resolution is 0.1mV
AC/DC current 660.0uA , 6.600mA, 66.00mA , 660.0mA, 10.00A
Resistance 660.0Ω, 6.600kΩ, 66.00kΩ, 660.0kΩ, 6.600MΩ, 66.00MΩ
Capacitance 6.6nf~66000uF, the min resolution is 1pf
Diode 0~2V forward voltage, the min resolution is 1mV
Data hold Hold and display the measured value
Relative measurement Display the relative power value
Continuity testing Built-in buzzer will sound, if resistance is lower than 50 Ω
Testing speed 3 times/ seconds
Data range -6600~+6600
Optical power meter (Optional) *
Calibrated Wavelength(nm) 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm
Power range(dBm) -70~+10dBm
Sensitivity(nW) 0.001nW
Connector type FC/PC
Data hold Hold and display the measured value
Relative measurement Display the relative power value
Visual fault locator (Optional) *
Visual fault locator Test fiber’s bending and breakage ( SM and MM fiber)
TDR Tester (Optional) *
TDR Tester breakpoint and short circuit measurement (BNC cable, telephone cable)
Power Adapter DC 5V(1.5A)
Battery Built-in 3.7V Lithium polymer battery ,3000mAh
Rechargeable After charging 3-4 hour, working time lasts 11 hours
Low Consumption Energy saving technology, the battery icon real-time display
Operation setting English/Chinese and other languages OSD menu
Auto off 5-60 (mins)
Keytone On/Off
Working Temperature -10℃ ~+50℃
Working Humidity 30%~ 90%
Dimension/Weight 194mm x 112mm x 48mm / 540g


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1. Long History and Stable Production
We have more than 10 years' experience in the CCTV security and surveillance industry.
We have exported our products to more than 50 countries and regions, such as the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherland, Portugal, France, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, etc.
Our production capacity is stable. We can arrange the shipment to you in time .

2. Strict Quality Control System 
We have strict quality control system. All of our technicians are professional. They are strict on quality control.
Before order, we can send the samples for your testing . We ensure the quality is the same as bulk order.

3.Prompt Response
We will reply to you within 8 hours in working days.

4. Prompt Delivery
We can usually deliver goods between 7 to 15 days.
We have good cooperation with many professional forwarders here. We can send the goods to you on time.

5. Long Warranty Time
Our warranty time is two years.
If there is something wrong with the products we sell, we will support you with technical analysis and solutions. We will also supply replacements if necessary.
We have sold a lot in the USA market for over 10 years and with very few bad feedbacks. The failure rate is less than 1%.

6.FREE Lifetime Technical Support
Our technical support is provided freely throughout pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale.

7.Knowledgeable Sales & Support Staff
We have a strict staff selection criteria and training system.

8.Outstanding Customer Testimonials

9.We NEVER Sell or Share Your Information
Without your permission, we will never sell or share your information to any person or company.

10. We Have Long-Term Development Planning
Our purpose is not simply to make money. We intend to make the brand reputation with 3 to 5 years. So we pay great attention to quality and service.

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